What is an Uberfahrt?


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Oct 26, 2018
AZ and OH
Might as well get this shit going...

What are this?

The Speed Glampers Uberfahrt is a little team of idiots who like to Go Fast, Be Comfortable, and Cross Overland. Might be referred to as SGU or the Uberfahrts or those fucksticks who keep arguing.

We're mostly Tundra owners, but are happy to wheel with anyone who has an adventurous spirit and is willing to put up with our bullshit. A strong dose of indignance comes in handy too - we don't take ourselves too seriously.

The term überfahrt is borrowed from the German word üeberfahrt, meaning passage or journey. We thought Überfahrt was apropos to describe our pursuit in exploring the great outdoors because it had the word fart in it and we're 12. We believe being outdoors doesn't mean you have to go without some of the creature comforts. And at the same time, bringing the creature comforts doesn't mean you have to lug around a trailer.

It's in this delicate balance of comfort and speed, where we find common ground. And while we disagree constantly about how to achieve this balance, it is those spirited discussions that make the journey worth taking.

We have a website we rarely update - www.sgu.life
We hardly ever post on our IG account (think it's actually been hacked) - https://www.instagram.com/uberfahrt/
We mostly ignore our facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/groups/uberfahrt/
A good portion of us were recently banned from a Tundra forum - no link, because fuck that

Here are some pictures of what all our trucks used to look like but don't anymore...


Craig Fast.jpg


Alex Rear Droop.jpg


Bruce Side.jpg



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Spolar side.jpg

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Zack Whoop.jpg


his truck isn't blue, but I drew this a couple years ago for our website as a placeholder for a trip report. and the only pics I have of his truck are current, which doesn't fit in with the theme here at all...

truck drawing.png

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Fredo Baggins
Oct 3, 2018
Bishop, CA

The term überfahrt is borrowed from the German word üeberfahrt, meaning passage or journey.

We'll get along just fine. I have an 18 year old Kleen Kanteen that never leaves my side. It's the only place I ever put stickers. The first one ever put on it was when I left the east coast to go on an extended climbing road trip. That trip ended up lasting damn near 6 years. This is what the sticker said:

Not all who wonder are lost.

PS: I would have just quoted that wall of text you posted but the important line needed to be solo. lol

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