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Oct 6, 2018
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So I decided last year to just go ahead and convert my 2wd Sport to 4wd and slowly started collecting parts for it over the next year

I began the tear down a week before the COVID shut down...

Items purchased starting Jan 2019:
Inchworm Spacer for 2wd transmission
Transmission mount (4x4)
4x4 Tail end from 4x4 transmission
FJ transfer case
1st gen tacoma t-case shifter (it didnt come with the stupid shifter :headwall:)
Tacoma Front Diff with mounts
Sent Diff to be regeared to 4:56 to match rear
4x4 transmission cross member
4x4 front hubs/bearings
Tacoma front drive shaft

Tacoma front cv axles
TC extended axles for 3.5 kit
King 8 in. Coilovers with extended rod ends (different coilovers on 2wd over 4x4)
& a crap ton of misc bolts/bs bought from toyota.

(If I'm missing something ill update the list later)

Process was pretty straight forward; since I used the Inchworm spacer on my existing transmission eliminating the need to buy another transmission that was 4wd.

Started by removing the driveshaft, with transmission tail end housing and leave you with this:

The rear output shaft on the 2wd transmissions are long and need to be cut in order to use the inchworm thats what I did o_O


quick check on parts lining up on transmission confirms how much needed to be cut off

No turning back now...4 1/2 in. where cut so when transfer case fits snug

She fits perfectly; engaged tcase in neutral with transmission and it spun fine.
as you can see, the transmission cross member on the prerunners sits forward a couple inches and with this adapter it actually makes it sit farther back so i cut it and made my own.
IMG_3500 1.jpg IMG_3499.jpg

Thanks to @Tacoma Pros for taking the time and welding the cross member for me.
Its no the prettiest thing but its strong and hold the weight of the transmission just fine; ill build a better one in due time.

Now the fun part; removing the interior and center console :lalala::lalala:

cut the tunnel and reinstalled tcase with shifter this time.
:popcorn2: and as you can see, the shifter came right up under the automatic shifter :lalala:
shifter was cut short and everything was reinstalled sealed and tested prior to finsihing (i left it in 2H to have @Tacoma Pros weld it into the correct place at a later time)

No pics but rear drive shaft was taken to Inland Empire Driveline to be shorted and get new u joints and new carrier bearing installed (when DMZ Race Fab installed my rear LT they had them add a Chevy full size HD carrier bearing for more strength)

All of this was completed within a week since i had the truck down; all front components bolt into place with little modification needed.
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Oct 6, 2018
Part Dos:
Took the truck to @Tacoma Pros to weld the shifter in place

So I returned to this project early May when things kind of calmed down due to COVID
Sent the diff to get regeared to 4:56 and cv axles out to be built onto the total chaos shafts (yea yea i know i could have done it myself but I was feeling lazy eventually ill learn to build them:flamethrow:
IMG_4489.jpg )
Also finished getting all the little crap from toyota like seals for the diff etc.

This was the easy part; the prerunner frame is the exact same as the 4x4 difference mainly is the transmission crossmember mounting points.
The front all the holes/bolts on the frame are there just to throw in.

When i first started this i did not know that king had different coilover part # for the 2wd vs 4x4
so i began searching for coilovers online and found some use ones from an old buddy that just needed a rebuilt.
Added new springs to them and got lucky these came with compression adjusters :rockon:

Next I installed the front diff; went right into place
Removed steering and brake components, both 2wd wheel bearings and popped off the dust shield on the spindles
Installed both axles, wheel bearings and reinstalled calipers, rotors, brakes etc.
IMG_5892.jpg IMG_4931.jpg
everything was torqued to spec and installed both front wheels

but I could not install the front driveshaft that day; it needed to be sent out to be cut and lengthen about 2 3/4 in. since the inchworm spacer moves everything back it needed to be modified. got it back later that week and installed.

Looks OEM

Broke in the gear with freeway driving and took a trip up north recently and used 4LO to crawl my way back up from this area down by june lake.
Worked like a charm; This is how bored I got so I did this for the just in case factor :deadbanana:

Next Mod is for new license plate and rear locker
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