Isham Canyon - Saturday 2/16

Who is going to have the first break down on the trail?

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Oct 3, 2018
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By request, I am starting a thread in stead of a PM. I take zero responsibility for the assholery the public is about to see.

We are going back out to run Isham Canyon on Feb 16th.

Starting list of people going:
1. @Hank
2. @theesotericone
3. @Mike_taco4x4
4. @AssBurns
5. @Tetten ??? will your truck be ready to test out the 37s by then?

Starting Trail by 9 AM on Saturday.

Coordinates to meeting point:
35°50'47.4"N 117°18'18.1"W

Satruday 1/26 @theesotericone @Mike_taco4x4 @Hank Ran Defense Mine.

Game plan in a nut shell. Leave at the ass crack of dawn Saturday morning, smash rocks, drink beer, camp, eat meat, drink beer, smash more rocks and fuck up trucks.

As for the little bitches that talk a big game and don't wheel their trucks.......... eat a dick. @4runner DOA @AssBurns

Tagging @Tetten just so he has motivation to get his truck back together sooner than later.

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