Front wheel bearings 4th gen/2nd Gen


Stirring the pot 24/7
Oct 3, 2018

Working on this pile. If the weather is as wet as they think it's gonna be again, I'd like the runner moving and the Lexus parked even if just around town. I let my mom use the taco sometimes too when the weather is really bad so her car doesn't get swamped, but that doesn't work if I need to go somewhere. So I *need* two vehicles off the ground sometimes. This is the year I rejuvenate this bitch and the wheeling passion. Too much shit the last two years, I need dirt therapy.
Same here. My DIW bumper should be here in a few weeks. The weather will be in the 80’s and I’ll bust that bitch out. Winch as well. Then the runner is ready to go hit the mountains. Need some lead therapy as well. That will be taken care of next week.
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