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Oct 1, 2018
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This forum is dedicated to us guys that have IFS rigs that actually like to wheel their rigs. We want to keep this place organized and informational for everyone to learn and have fun. What we don’t want is this place to turn out like all the other forums that we either got tired of seeing the same BS over and over again, or because we (may or may not) have been banned from other forums that don’t like our sense of humor, or the way we like to BS with each other. If we are on here we are probably all adults and should be acting like so. That doesn’t mean that we have to be walking on eggshells every time we talk. It means that we should be able to BS with each other the way we would in person. This doesn’t mean we won’t have basic rules in place.

1) Don’t be a Douchebag
I know we all like to BS and flame people when they say something stupid, which is totally fine (to an extent). There are two types or douchebags; one is the guy that is a complete jerk that just doesn’t know when to stop, the other is the snowflake that gets butthurt over a few words and likes to hit the report button because someone hurt their feelings. We are pretty much all here because we are assholes in some way shape or form, but we need to have some decency to not be that douchebag that doesn’t know when to stop. We need to as a group keep each other in line and treat each other like we treat our friends.

2) Violence or Threats of Violence
If you make threats of violence in any way, you’ll be banned. End of story. This isn’t the place to get so pissed off at someone that you can’t keep your shit together and resort to violence or threats.
See rule #1.

3) Illegal Activity
Don’t be stupid and post up anything about illegal activity. We all think the government sucks and most laws are dumb as shit, but let’s not be stupid and post it on here for the government to see. This can not only get you in trouble, but can get this site shutdown as well.
See rule #1

4) Starting New Posts
The reason for this forum is to keep things from getting cluttered full of useless BS that seems to happen on other forums. USE THE SEARCH BUTTON before making a new thread. It is recommended to bring back an old thread than create a new thread. Let’s try to keep this place organized and easy to search by only starting new threads when there isn’t one already on here. Also, don’t start a thread with a title that doesn’t accurately reflect what the topic is that you are trying to discuss.
See rule #1

5) BS Threads
We encourage BS threads but keep the BS out of the tech threads. If topics in the tech threads start to change to another topic, feel free to create a new thread for the new topic in the proper section. Another thing we want to be sure of is to not lose good tech info in a BS thread. If there is something in a BS thread that can turn into a new tech thread that is beneficial to the forum, create a new tech thread in the propert section and share the link to the new tech thread in the BS thread you were on.

6) Politics/Religion

Let’s keep the political/religion BS out of here. This is an offroad forum. We all know politics and religion are terrible at keeping things peaceful (Look at history).
See rule #1

7) For Sale
As of right now we do not have a dedicated classifieds section (Maybe down the line). If you are looking to sell something just let some people know in one of the relevant threads such as your own build thread or a BS thread that makes sense to post it in. DO NOT START A NEW THREAD to sell your stuff. (Wait until we have a dedicated Buy/Sale/Trade section for that)
See rule #1

8) Spam
If you are spamming, you’ll just get banned. Nobody wants someone to spam post new threads or post irrelevant junk on someone else’s thread.
See rule #1

9) Inappropriate Pics & Links
Don’t post inappropriate stuff in anything other than the NSFW section. A lot of us browse the forum on our work computer and can’t have this kind of stuff showing up on our computers. Keep it in the NSFW section if you feel the need to post something inappropriate.
See rule #1

10) Vendors
If you want to be an official vendor, contact an admin or moderator. If you post in the vendors section without doing so first, will result in posts being deleted and possible banishment from forum.
See rule #1

These rules are subject to change at any time

Now that you’ve read the rules get out and post some useful stuff. The stuff we want to see is the following:

  • Tech Threads
    • Got something informative you’d like to share or discuss? Post it in the proper section that most closely relates to the topic you are trying to discuss.
    • Write-ups. If you’ve done a write-up elsewhere (don’t plagiarize someone else’s), feel free to copy it here. If you have done something that would benefit from a write-up, feel free to create one here
    • Got a question and couldnt find your answer by searching? Post up a new thread in the proper section to ask your question. We have a bunch of very knowledgeable guys here that are happy to help out and share their experiences.
  • Build Threads
    • Started working on building your rig and would like to share & document the process? Go for it! We strongly encourage it, so we can all follow along on our favorite builds and see what you’ve done along the way. Be sure to update post #1 as you go with current updates.
  • BS Threads
    • We encourage the use of BS threads. It helps keep the clutter out of the tech threads
    • What we don’t want is tons of random BS threads in every section. We have regional, and other BS threads to mix in place. Try not to create too many BS threads, but feel free to create one if there isn’t already one in your region or in a specific section that deserves one
  • Regional Specific Stuff
    • Got a meetup you’d like to share? Make a thread in the right section
    • Planning a trip in your area? Make a new thread in to invite people
    • Got a question that’s regional specific? Ask it in the proper regional section.
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