1. Alex Fleming

    The Sherpa Equipment Co. BS Thread

    This is a place for all you with our products or those who want our product to come and ask questions and post related content. Bring ideas to the table and for us to post new things we are working on. Basically just some more BS. So make yourself at home.
  2. cbechtold

    cbechtold's Long Travel IFS Crawler Tacoma Build

    IMG_7693 by Cory Bechtold, on Flickr Picture from: 08/11/2023 Background: Hi! I'm Cory and this is my 2001 Toyota Tacoma. When I first got the truck back in January of 2014, it was a total cream puff. Dealership maintenance records, everything working in perfect condition, fresh fluids...
  3. snivilous

    4400 IFS Rear Engine Ultra4 Build

    UPDATE: The build was originally intended to be a 4800 Solid Axle car, this has since changed. The build changes direction to IFS on page 3. I'm too excited right now so figured I would start a (perhaps) premature build thread so I can lay out my thoughts. I've been looking at the Rock Lizard...
  4. snivilous

    3rz Weigh In

    A 3rz with auto and J shift weighs ~668lbs. I didn't know where else to post this and felt like it needed to be on the internets since I couldn't find the info anywhere. That is all. P.S. - The scale is upside down for you smart asses.
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