long travel

  1. cbechtold

    cbechtold's Long Travel IFS Crawler Tacoma Build

    IMG_7132 by Cory Bechtold, on Flickr Picture from: 02/06/2023 Background: Hi! I'm Cory and this is my 2001 Toyota Tacoma. When I first got the truck back in January of 2014, it was a total cream puff. Dealership maintenance records, everything working in perfect condition, fresh fluids...
  2. AssBurns

    Where are our Long Travel guys at?

    Got long travel? Post some info about it. What kit do you have? What suspension are you running? Coilovers? Bypasses? Hydro Bumps? Etc. What kind of wheeling do you do? (Not everyone is all about go-fast desert stuff) What are your rigs limits that's holding you back from being faster or...
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